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LF Roof

1. Long use life, competitive rate and service;
2. Customized design, ISO, DIN, GB, ASTM standard fabricate and material;
3. SGS, INTERTEK inspection service provided;
4. Punctual delivery, high end quality, and attentive service after sale;
5. CE, ISO certified;

LF(Ladle furnace) Roof

electric arc furnace component-CHNZBTECH

       Furnace roof is composed hydraulic cylinders, pieces of chain link .when destruction the furnace roof, put the furnace on the ladle, then demolish (or connected) the upgrading lug the plug, and open (or loaded) the furnace cover Upgrading agencies. The elevation of furnace roof relays on upgrading hydraulic, and the dropping of furnace covers relays on themselves. The level of the furnace covers is adjusted by the chain of the end of the vertical adjustment bolt.  Equipment constitution:  Body of furnace roof, Distributor of inlet water, operation door; 



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