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Vacuum Oxygen Degassing (VOD) Furnace

(1) Extensive decarburization with low chromium losses;
(2) High rate of chromium recovery, reheating of liquid steel;
(3) hydrogen and nitrogen removal, desulfurization, inclusion flotation removal;
(4) High quality & grade S.S steel making & other special steel production;
(5) Vacuum pump available for steam eject & dry mechanical pump;
(6) Improve whole plant products level & high margin compared with investment;
(7) Safe operation & advanced design, mature technology;

Vacuum Oxygen Degassing (VOD) Furnace

    The vacuum oxygen decarburization furnace (“VOD”) is mainly used for the production of stainless steel. The plant is basically designed as a tank degassing plant which is additionally equipped with an oxygen blowing lance and other related equipment. Due to the reduced CO partial pressure under vacuum conditions, decarburisation of high-alloyed steel grades to very low carbon contents is possible.

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   Steam jet pumps are designed in 4 or 5 - ejector stages. The motive steam is condensed by contact cooling water condensers. The steam jet pumps are designed as full steam pumps or as Hybrid pumps in combination with liquid ring pumps.

 VOD Furnace Steam jet pump features

• Reliably high suction capacity at deep vacuum condition as well as in the mid-range for heavy process gas loads

• Robust long-life design matching steel plant demands

• Simple maintenance required 

• Low wear and tear

• Vacuum control by needle valves

      Thorough carbon removal is achievable with a Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization (VOD) furnace. The VOD is basically a tank degasser equipped with an oxygen lance compared with VD, but specifically configured to withstand the heat load from an intense CO emission. VOD is normally used for deep decarburization of highalloy steel grades, usually to remove carbon without affecting chromium content in the production of stainless steel grades.

China Vacuum Oxygen Degassing (VOD) factory-CHNZBTECH

Typical VOD(Vacuum Oxygen Degassing) Furnace Basic Parameter

Rated(t) Inner Ladle  (mm) Vacuum pump exhaust  (Kg/h) Working vacuum     (Pa) Vacuum tank (mm)
15 2200 150 67 Φ3800X4100
25 2600 180 Φ4000X4600
30 2700 200 Φ4200X5175
40 2900 250 Φ4800X5300
50 3000 280 Φ5300X5400
60 3150 360 Φ5300X5500
70 3200 380 Φ5400X5600
80 3300 380 Φ5500X5700
90 3400 380 Φ5600X5800
100 3500 400 Φ5600X5800
120 3600 420 Φ6200X6400
150 3900 450 Φ6300X6600

   The highly advanced IPC, software and computer of VOD furnace process is available from the company by monitor the motion and process of related machine.The main components of VOD equipment are tank, tank cover, cover movable car, vacuum pump and control system etc. 

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