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Metallurgy ladle

(1) Different size from 0.5t ton 500t are available;
(2) Steel ladle, iron steel, casting ladle with customized functions;
(3) ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB different fabricate standard and material selection;
(4) Mature process & manufacturing technology, state-of-the-art design;
(5) Punctual handover time, third part SGS, Intertek inspection are provided;

Metallurgy ladle

     In metallurgy, a ladle is a vessel used to transport and pour out molten metals. Ladles are often used in foundries and range in size from small hand carried vessels that resemble a kitchen ladle and hold 20 kilograms (44 lb) to large steelmill ladles that hold up to 300 tonnes (330 tons). Many non-ferrous foundries also use ceramic crucibles for transporting and pouring molten metal and will also refer to these as ladles

     The bottom of the ladle is flat with three tripods soldered on, ladle used as supported Block which store the ladle in the workshop.


      In metallurgy, Ladle also is the vessel of ladle refining furnace, which design is differ from normal ladle, bottom are equipped with argon, nitrogen gas stirring hole, sliding gate, porous plug, pocket block for control molten steel comes out of the ladle when the LF treatment is finished.


   In metallurgy, molten liquid can be also transferred by iron ladle, which is most common existing in foundry plant production casting like bearing, flange, auto parts, or make duction iron and grey iron for special purpose and usage.  

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