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Research And Development Center
ZBTECH technical team gained patent automatic electrode lengthening mechanism is specially used for offline automatic connecting and tightening of Ø450mm carbon electrodes. The electrode can be automatically extended and tightened by remote control or on-site operation when the electrode is charged in the continuous production of EAF & LF.
Through countless endeavor & test, ZBTECH obtained patented ladle turnover mechanism, compared with traditional way, which relief overhead crane from engaged work, and enable slag and lining reconstruction, more environmental and create a better working atmosphere for the site.
ZBTECH is taking the lead in entering the stage of 3D modeling and intelligent design in the industry. Applying 3D design software to realize static, dynamic analysis and spatial simulation, parametric analysis, product quality is strongly guaranteed.
Along with material charging, scrap is preheated by the fume from furnace shell, save power, fume recycle, charging & preheating simultaneous carry out, enable the EAF work with higher efficiency.




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