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Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT) Furnace

(1) Reduction of the angle of tapping;
(2) Simplify the tilting structure of the electric furnace;
(3) Reduce the copper busbar system impedance and increase life of the furnace;
(4) Retaining hot steel for slag operation;
(5) No slag tapping, improve the quality of steel, is conducive to refining operations:
(6) Hot heel & retain slag, is conducive to electric furnace treatment, energy conservation;
(7) Reduce the tapping temperature, save power consumption:
(8) Reduce secondary oxidation and improve steel quality: increase ladle life;

EBT(Excentric bottom tapping) electric arc furnace

   An electric arc furnace (EAF) is a furnace that heats charged material by means of an electric arc. Arc furnaces differ from induction furnaces in that the charge material is directly exposed to an electric arc and the current in the furnace terminals passes through the charged material. 

EBT(Excentric bottom tapping) electric arc furnace suppliers-CHNZBTECH

   Arc furnace provides a simple and effective way of melting various grades of scrap and then going ahead to refine the metal to desired specification. It is also useful in making all kinds of steels including tool steels and alloy steels. This provides a method of utilizing low cost scrap, which is available in abundance. The key advantage in EAF melting is that refining is possible and you can also produce low carbon steels. 

Main parameter of electric arc furnace (EBT)

Type Inner shell     (mm) Rated(t) Transformer   Reactor(Kvar)         Graphite(mm)
Rated/Max Rated (MVA)
HX-30 4600/4800 30/45 25~32 0~7000 450
HX-60 5400 60/70 45~55 9000~11000 500
HX-80 5800 75/85 60~70 12000~14000 550
HX-100 6200 100/120 75~85 15000~17000 600
HX-120 6400 120/140 90~110 18000~22000 650
HX-150 6800 150/170 120~130 24000~26000 650

   A typical 100t EBT furnace constructed by ZBTECH with mature design & stable quality, An electric arc furnace is mainly used for making steel and consist of devices like refractory-lined upper & lower shell, water-cooled roof, power cable, secondary circuit system, electrode raising & nippling system, roof raise & lower mechanism, lifting column, ladle, ladle car, water-cooling system, air compressed system, hydraulic system, lance system, H.V, L.V, auto control & computer system.

Excentric bottom tapping electric arc furnace-CHNZBTECH

    The tapping operation of the EBT electric arc furnace. When tapping, about 5° tilting to the tapping side, the tapping mechanism is opened, and the tapping filler automatically falls under the static pressure of the molten steel, and the molten steel flows into the ladle to realize automatic pouring and tapping. When the molten steel reaches about 95% of the required water, it will quickly recline to prevent the slag. In the back-dumping process, about 5% of the molten steel and a little slag will flow into the ladle. After the furnace is shaken, the steel is left in the furnace by 10% to 15%. Slag ≥95%) Inspection and maintenance of the steel tap, closing the taphole, adding filler, loading scrap, re-arcing smelting. 





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