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Tapping Spout EAF Furnace

(1) Foundry plant and small size steel plant widely use;
(2) Compared with EBT, melting down, oxidation and reduction in one furnace;
(3) Limited investment & area occpuation & high income;
(4) High quality molten steel, P, S & C can be controlled to meet the demand;
(5) Samller size & capacity easier operation, convenient maintenance;
(6) Highly flexible for both steelmaking and casting;

Tapping Spout EAF(Electric Arc Furnace) 

    Equipment composition: tilting mechanism, furnace shell assembly, water-cooled roof, roof lifting and swing device, electrode lifting device, high current system, cooling water system, hydraulic system, electrode extension station, electric furnace transformer, high voltage cabinet, low voltage electronic control system and so on.


      Furnace features: The overall structure of the furnace adopts an elevated structure and a connected structure. The furnace roof is swung off  & charging from top, the copper-steel composite conductive cross arm supply power , and the short spout for discharge slag, while long spout for tapping molten steel.


Tapping spout electric arc furnace main parameter

Type      Shell       (mm) Rated/t Transformer Electrode   (mm)
Rated/Max Rated MVA
HX-0.5 1600 0.5~1.5 0.63 150
HX-1.5 2100 1.5~2.5 1.25 200
HX-3 2600 3~5 2.2 250
HX-5 3200 5~8 3.2 300
HX-10 3500 10~15 5~6.3 350
HX-15 3800 15~20 6.3~8 350
HX-20 4000/4200 20~25 8~12.5 400

   The electric arc furnace roof swung off and the electrode is arc-started. The whole process of smelting is about 90-250 minutes, depending on the size of the transformer, oxygen decarburization and phosphorus removal can be achieved in the melting down process, after the molten steel reach the temperature and composition required, liquid steel tapping out from the tapping spout with temperature around 1600-1700℃;





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