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Scrap Bucket

1. Different capacity up to 200t;
2. Different structure, and discharge control;
3. Mature deign, know-how technology;
4. Different structure, different design with highly customized;
5. Punctual delivery, high end quality, and attentive service after sale;

Scrap Bucket


     The scrap bucket bottom usually is a clam shell design- i.e. the bucket opens up by retracting two segments on the bottom of the bucket. Some large-tonnage bottom-opening scrap baskets do not match the ferroalloy melting furnace in caliber, resulting in more material perpendicular to the opening direction and uneven fabric. Uneven fabric sometimes causes scrap to stick to the lining, affecting the life of the lining; sometimes it will cause the scrap to fall on the under-rail rail, affecting the normal operation of the under-vehicle, increasing the workload of the operator; 

bucket production

   The scrap steel is placed at the tapping port and the tapping port, away from the electrode, which affects the heating speed of the scrap steel. The blockage of the furnace mouth also affects the oxygen blowing operation of the operator and observes the molten steel in the furnace. In view of the above shortcomings of the large tonnage bottom-opening type feeding basket, it is necessary to improve it to ensure smooth production.





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