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Ladle Pre-heater

(1) High baking efficiency,;
(2) Energy saving, operation easy & safe;;
(3) Different fuel, energy support with different structure;
(4) High automatic with PLC control;
(5) Precise temperature control;
(6) Punctual handover time, third part SGS, Intertek inspection are provided;

Ladle Pre-heater

     Steel (Iron) ladle preheater is an important part in steel production. Mainly for new build, cold repair,dry, turnaround and online warming of various steel (iron) tank of heating. Heating device performance has  a significant impact on the temperature of the steel, stell operation rate, furnace life etc. Ladle heating is in the middle of steel casting and continuous casting production processes, ladle temperature level has an important role in the production of casting for overall coordination of the production. ladle preheater can be divided into vetical & horizontal type.


    There will be large loss of energy from the steel making process to a molten steel continuous casting process, wherein the ladle heat storge loss about half of total energy., if not using ladle heating method to compensate heat loss of the molten steel and ensure pouring temperature, it will need raise the temperature of our molten steel, which will bring a series of problems. First is raising the steel temperature,increasing the smelting time, increasing in raw material consumption, increasing the cost per ton; Secondly, to make the lining erosion faster,reducing the furnace life. Therefore, increasing the ladle temperature by heating to reduce the molten steel temperature,extend furnace life and increase steel production, reduce raw material consumption, low cost. It is significant to ensure operating casting lines smoothly.

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