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Transfer Car

1. A unique combination of metallurgical and engineering know how.
2. Ability to offer wide range of products and services for steel Industry.
3. The highest product quality as a result of tight integration into vertical chain, from steelmaking to final product.
4. More than 20 years of experience in the steel producing industry, gives us the ability to offer technical solutions, tailored to customer's needs.

Transfer Car

ladle transfer 1

    A ladle transfer car is a material handling tool which is used in foundries & steel makinh plant. The car carries a metal ladle, typically torpedo-shaped (with two pointed ends), from one location to another for processing molten liquid metal. 


It can also be called a molten steel transporter or a Tundish transfer car. The ladle is placed on rail trucks but can be removed to pour out the molten liquid. 

ladle tapping

Customized solutions:

1. An automatic on-line ladle weighing system.

2. Adjustable measuring range of on-line weighing system.

3. Folding platform for easier access to weighing cells.

4. The backrest for easier and safer placement of ladle into weighing systems.

5. Flexible, high power drive capacity.

6. Emergency lever for disconnection of drive in case of electrical flow.

7. Track cleaners.

8. Bumpers and pulling lugs in case of electrical steam.







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