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Electric furnace steelmaking technology 01

Focusing on the objectives of high production efficiency, simple function, environmental friendliness, intelligent control and diversified raw materials, electric furnace steelmaking technology has been continuously developed. The goal of high efficiency of electric furnace smelting is to shorten the smelting cycle and power on time as much as possible and reduce the smelting power consumption as much as possible.

2022 05-27
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EAF steelmaking technology - what is the future development of it in China

In recent years, the annual output of crude steel in the world has ranged from 1.6 billion tons to 1.8 billion tons, including more than 400 million tons of electric furnace steel, accounting for about 25%. Except for China, the proportion of EAF steel in the global iron and steel industry has reached more than 40%. The proportion of electric furnace steel in the United States has reached 67%, which is the highest proportion of electric furnace steel in developed countries.

2022 05-25
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Continuous caster - main equipment and process technology

A modern steelmaking plant is a combination of various metallurgical units. After refining outside the furnace, the molten steel is poured into the continuous caster to solidify it into billets. The coupling machine starts to connect the important link between steel rolling and rolling. The solidification of molten steel in the continuous caster is affected by the interaction of various physical processes such as flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and stress.

2022 05-18
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Introduction to horizontal, arc and elliptical continuous casters

The crystallizer, secondary cooling zone, tension leveler, cutting equipment and other equipment of the horizontal continuous caster are installed at the horizontal position, and the tundish is closely connected with the crystallizer. A separation ring is installed at the connection between the tundish nozzle and the crystallizer. During billet drawing, the mold does not vibrate

2022 05-16
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Technology-common sense of rolling mill

In the early days, two high rolling mills were used to roll plates and strips. Because the rolling pressure is very large when rolling plate and strip, in order to ensure sufficient rigidity, the roll diameter is required to be large enough. However, with the increase of roll diameter, the elastic flattening of roll also increases, so the two high mill can only roll thick narrow strip.

2022 05-13




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