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Arc furnace shell : structure and working environment

The furnace shell is usually cylindrical with a truncated conical bottom and a spherical disc bottom for good strength. The furnace shell bears the weight of the furnace lining and metal, and also bears the thermal stress caused by the thermal expansion of the furnace lining. In general, the tempe

2021 06-11
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Ferrosilica furnace is a kind of industrial electric furnace

Ferrosilica furnace is a kind of industrial electric furnace which consumes a lot of power. Ferrosilicone furnace shell, furnace cover, furnace lining, short net, water cooling system, smoke exhaust system, dust removal system, electrode shell, electrode pressure and lifting system, loading and unl

2021 06-09
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Electric arc furnace is developing vigorously

Compared with foreign EAF steelmaking, China's EAF has always been the main production force of special steel. With the increasing quality requirements of special steel in domestic manufacturing industry, improving the level of EAF steelmaking process and equipment in China has become the key to im

2021 06-07
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Vacuum melting furnace of the application and development

Application and development trend of vacuum melting furnace   Everyone knows that the vacuum melting furnace is a widely used vacuum equipment in the market for the preparation of metal alloy materials. Vacuum induction melting technology has also been very well applied in different occasions and fi

2021 06-04
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Vacuum degassing of the relevant knowledge

The relevant control parameters of the vacuum degassing furnace are set by the MMI screen. The relevant data is sent to the PLC of the VD furnace, and the PLC of the PLC boiler and the wire feeder control the relevant electrical operations through the SINECH1 bus. At the same time, the detection sig

2021 06-02



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