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Learn more about eaf steelmaking technology development

Efficient crushing and sorting of scrap steel is the premise and key to ensure the quality of EAF steelmaking raw materials, and it is very important for EAF steelmaking to achieve clean smelting. The scrap steel after crushing and sorting can greatly improve the cleanliness of raw materials, and provide clean and reliable raw material guarantee for electric arc furnace steelmaking.

2022 08-05
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Overview of arc furnace steelmaking technology development

In recent years, electric arc furnace steelmaking has made great progress in efficient smelting, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligent control, and the technological level of electric arc furnace steelmaking has been significantly improved; at the same time, various new electric arc furnaces have been developed and applied, which has greatly promoted steel Advances in industrial technology.

2022 08-01
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How to choose castables for EAF roof with long life?

The electric furnace roof is generally made of high-alumina refractory materials. In the past, the electric furnace cover was mostly built with refractory bricks. Nowadays, high-alumina castables are mostly used for integral casting on site or prefabricated off-site. The castables for electric furnace cover mainly use corundum and bauxite as refractory raw materials, add mullite and other admixtures, and prepare according to the formula proportion.

2022 07-29
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Learn factors influencing electric furnace roof service life

The furnace roof of the electric furnace is a spherical structure with electrode holes and smoke exhaust holes. The outer ring part is called the main furnace cover, and the middle part is called the small furnace cover (also known as the triangle area). The furnace cover can be removed when charging.

2022 07-25
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Best EBT crusting problem solution shared from Chnzbtech

A tapping box protruding from the furnace shell is installed on the original tapping side to replace the original tapping groove. Refractory materials are built inside the tapping box, and a small molten pool is formed. It is connected with the large molten pool at the bottom of the original furnace and has a smooth transition. The tapping hole is opened vertically at the bottom of the small molten pool of the tapping box.

2022 07-22




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