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Composition of electric arc furnace

The electric arc furnace is a device that uses the arc generated between the electrode tip and the charge as heat energy to make steel.The development of electric arc furnace technology is the development of direct current electric arc furnace, furnace bottom gas agitation and furnace bottom tapping

2021 01-25
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RH refining furnace: a way to improve the injection process

The application of post-combustion technology in steelmaking is embodied in the use of converter oxygen lances (converter post-combustion oxygen lances) and RH top-blowing lances (represented by RH-KTB), as well as in electric arc furnace steelmaking (two On the secondary combustion PC gun), it show

2021 01-22
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The influence of electric arc furnace on electric energy efficiency

Electricity environment and status of electric arc furnaceElectric arc furnaces used for smelting generally have three characteristic working stages:At the beginning of the melting phase, the solid charge is melted, and the energy demand is greatest.Initial refining and heating stageDuring the refin

2021 01-20
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Ferroalloy furnace: a way to prevent carbon furnace lining failure

Carbon lining is the material of choice for most ferroalloy linings. However, as the capacity of submerged arc furnaces continues to increase, the early failure of the lining is a very prominent problem. This technology uses a relatively simple method to solve the problem that has long plagued the i

2021 01-18
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The development of secondary refining furnace

In order to homogenize the composition and temperature, a gas stirring process in the ladle appeared. The most striking thing is the use of secondary refining, which greatly improves the output and quality of steel. However, what is the main task and purpose of secondary refining? Separate molten s

2021 01-15



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