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Metallurgy ladle about the advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: waste alloying elements can be recycled, refractory alloying elements can be melted by arc at high temperature, and the temperature in the furnace can be precisely controlled. To sum up, eAF uses scrap steel as the main raw material, so alloy elements in scrap steel can be reused in EAF

2021 09-18
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Electric arc furnace---how to do the maintenance arc melting furnace

How to do the maintenance of electric arc furnace? Electric arc furnace is a large-scale steelmaking equipment, the later maintenance and maintenance work directly affects the efficiency of steelmaking, so how to do the maintenance and maintenance of electric arc furnace? Standardized operation st

2021 09-17
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Electric arc furnace VS LF refining furnace

What is the difference between electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace? The use of ordinary electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace is not the same as the quality of finished steel The steel should be of high quality. General electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace with the use. E

2021 09-10
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Cooling tower about the basic introduction

The cooling tower is a device in which water is used as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and release it into The atmosphere to reduce water temperature; It is to use cold water after contact with the air flow on heat transfer to produce steam, steam evaporation heat can be taken a

2021 09-08
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Ladle pre-heater of the main application characteristics

The oven is composed of a oven burner, a rotating arm, a gas pipeline system, an air pipe, etc. The oven burner is installed on the top of the steamed bun for open or closed heating. It is mainly used for baking the tundish in steel mills to reduce the temperature drop and heat loss of the steel ins

2021 08-27



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