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EAF Shells

1. State-of-the-art design;
2.high precesion manufacturering & internation standard quality;

EAF(electric arc furnace) Shells

    The general structure of furnace is integrated type, isolation shell, pipe-type water-cooled wall, pipe-type water-cooled roof and eccentric bottom tapping. Furnace body consist of upper and lower shell, furnace door mechanism, eccentric bottom tapping mechanism and pipe-type water-cooled wall. The upper furnace shell where the water-cooled wall is installed is welded with the frame structure of seamless steel tube; this framework also has the function of water distributor and return pipe.

Lower shell

    The lower shell which has the eccentric bottom tapping hole is welded with the cylinder shape shell and the butterfly bottom. It is necessary to have 30% steel left after tapping, tilting the furnace body with 12 to15 degree, with 20~30% hot heel it will finish tapping, if the concave pit happened on the bottom in the later stage of campaign, the maximum tilting grade will become 20 degree, then remove the residual steels.


        Water-cooled furnace panel is the structure of water-cooled dense-tube type, divided into many pieces, and distribute on the furnace shell, three pieces of these have the burner setting hole of furnace wall. The inlet/outlet of water-cooled furnace wall are all set ball valves, the place of water outlet is set water temperature detecting, which can detect the outlet temperature, and adjust the cooling intensity of every water block. Total inlet of water which has pressure, flow sensing instrument and temperature detecting, pressure of total water-input, flow rate, temperature and outlet temperature, all above can display in computer.


       Upper and lower shell are connected with pin axle that it is easy to dismantle, there is firm lug on furnace body, so the whole furnace shell can lift in and out.

       Considering the space for operating the water-cooled carbon-oxygen lance in design of furnace door, the water-cooled hydraulic cylinder driver is used for opening the furnace door.

      The eccentric bottom tapping mechanism install on furnace body, hydraulic cylinder driver is used for opening the tapping hole, safety, reliable, manual opening also can be used.





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