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Scrap Shredder

(1) Hydraulic transmission;
(2) The integrated control of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic;
(3) The scope of application is wide
(4) High end quality
(5) Environment friendly

Scrap Shredder

   Scrap shredder its use the principle of hammered in high speed, torque motor, driven by the host on the rotor hammer head take turns to hit into the lumen of crushing, through space formed between the plate and the hammer head, to be broken apart into accord with specifications of the broken things, again under the action of magnetic equipment, can get high quality crushing material purity.

   china scrap handling machine suppliers-CHNZBTECH

     This production line is used for processing waste motor rotor, waste car body, tinplate, household appliance products, bicycle, empty tank, etc., so as to make it a superior steel material. The machine is continuously crushed, the coating film is removed, the volume proportion is increased, the electric furnace is prevented from explosion, and the metal rate is increased under certain conditions. By smashing,the machine will remove the coating,raise density and dissolving capability,and eliminate the explosibility of materials,thus offering good furnace charges for steel plant.

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