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Copper Busbar

a. The three-phase impedance imbalance is as small as possible;
b. Effectively reducing the reactance of the secondary high current conductor;
c. Effectively reducing the DC resistance of the secondary high current conductor;
d. The secondary high-current electrode cross arm adopts copper-steel composite conductive cross arm, which has large surface area, large current carrying capacity, small impedance, small heat generation and small additional loss;
e. Shorten the conductor length of the conductor after the "triangle" seal joint;
f. Optimization of the geometric mean spacing of the secondary high current conductors and optimization of the spatial structure;
g. Reasonable electrode "polar circle" size.
h. Water-cooled cable current carrying density ≤ 4.5A/mm2

Copper Busbar

   The bus-bar provides the electrical connection between the power cables and the electrode holder. Bus-bars consist of a rigid, round, copper pipe. Typically the bus tube is supported by one or two bolted connections. Good insulation must be installed between the bus tube and its' supporting members to ensure that arcing which could destroy the bust tube does not take place. Bus tubes are usually attached to the power cables using removable, cast copper terminals or in some cases, permanent fabricated copper terminal plates and pads.


   Several configurations are available for the bus tube termination at the electrode holder and contact pad. These include flanged connection to the contact pad, flat blade joined to the tube for parallel connection with the holder and a round copper tube contact point with the connector. The bus tubes may be bolted to the holder or contact pad or a fused permanent joint may be used.

铜管短网 2

  Copper busbar system chosen large section for water-cooled copper pipe group, made the resistance and reactance of per. phases high current system as minimum, at meantime balanced reactance for three phases.





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