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Oxygen carbon lance of the introduction

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Oxygen carbon lance of the basic introduction

Oxygen carbon lance mainly refers to electric furnace smelting, generally refers to the electric furnace door carbon lance, there are also carbon lance furnace wall. The carbon oxygen gun at the furnace door has two water-cooled nozzles, some are two water-cooled oxygen guns, some are a combined oxygen gun. The former two oxygen around the arrangement, one is the laval supersonic oxygen gun, a carbon gun is used for straight hole toner spray; The latter overall gun is arranged up and down two spray guns, the following is supersonic oxygen lance, oxygen lance is also laval spray him, the above is carbon gun. There are two kinds of carbon and oxygen guns in wuhan Jiat furnace door: self-consuming carbon and oxygen guns and water-cooled carbon and oxygen guns.EAF slag door manipulators manufacturers - CHNZBTECH

During smelting, the spray gun in the furnace door is gradually inserted into the furnace as the scrap melts. Compared with the traditional smelting process

The use of electric furnace carbon and oxygen lance has the following advantages

(1) The oxygen is sprayed into the molten pool by the carbon oxygen lance at Mach number 2 at supersonic speed, which changes the chemical equilibrium in the molten pool and makes the amount of CO in the molten pool increase greatly.

(2) In the whole process of foam slag smelting, due to the participation of carbon injection, the condition of the whole process of foam slag smelting is improved to reduce splashing, improve the utilization rate of electricity, reduce noise, and improve the quality;

With the increase of flue gas temperature, sufficient oxygen reacts with carbon. Compared with the traditional system, free oxygen is used for CO combustion when decarbonization, and the oxidizing atmosphere in the furnace is weak, which reduces the consumption of electrodes and resistant materials.

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