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Ladle pre-heater of the main application characteristics

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The ladle pre-heater is composed of a oven burner, a rotating arm, a gas pipeline system, an air pipe, etc. The oven burner is installed on the top of the steamed bun for open or closed heating. It is mainly used for baking the tundish in steel mills to reduce the temperature drop and heat loss of the steel inside the tundish

 There are four main application features when the oven is applied

1. gas selection of natural gas or petroleum gas, baking speed and wide range

2. the heating cover has independent combustion, control system, can automatically lift, suitable for different height transfer bags

3.  can be used together with liquid aluminum slag removal, degassing

4. The oven is equipped with ignition alarm device and flame detection device, which will run automatically when heating

In order to improve the monitoring sensitivity when installing the ladle roaster, the controller cable should be careful not to mix with other power plugs or power lines.Tundish pre-heater manufacturers - CHNZBTECH

 And the following common questions must be mastered

1. if the camera is far distance monitor and walk line | bow of contact resistance is very big, is in the absence of a flame can catch fire. Please open the module and adjust the resistor in the middle of the module slowly in the reverse direction until the red indicator is off and the relay is released. At this point, the module adjustment is complete and the module cover is closed.

2. the adjustment should not be overrushed, overrush will harm the monitoring sensitivity.

3. After installation and proper wiring, the switch power supply can be turned on and the switch power indicator light can be illuminated. There is an operation power switch on the control panel of the control cabinet, turn the power switch to the working attitude, and the operation indicator light is illuminated.

4. When there is a flame data signal, the light indicator is on; When there is no flame data signal, the fire indicator light goes out and the light control alarm comes out.

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