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Electric furnace steelmaking technology 02

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EAF steelmaking technology

At present, the domestic electric furnace equipment accounts for 85% of the domestic electric furnace capacity, and the imported electric furnace accounts for 15%. Although domestic manufacturers have certain strength in single equipment, and electric furnace equipment below 100 tons has basically been localized, Chinese scientific and technological workers have also been committed to developing complete sets of electric furnace equipment with independent intellectual property rights. Try to combine the advantages of horizontal charging and vertical electric furnace, and domestic equipment manufacturers have launched CISDI green electric furnace. The electric furnace has formed a unique patented technology of step feeding by using the idea of step type continuous closed feeding of scrap, which has been granted a patent in China and the European Union, and has formed a domestic group standard. The technical indicators are also relatively advanced. Several electric furnaces have been put into use in China and Southeast Asia. Another equipment manufacturer launched the ceri-s1-arc electric furnace. continous charging electric arc furnace - CHNZBTECH

The scrap is added into the shaft through the trolley. The steel pushing mechanism under the shaft pushes the scrap into the horizontal channel, and the horizontal channel vibrates the scrap into the flat melting pool, so as to realize the continuous feeding of scrap; Reduce dioxin content and realize waste heat utilization through flue gas quenching, activated carbon adsorption and waste heat boiler. The electric furnace integrates many advanced technologies and is still in the promotion stage. In general, domestic electric furnace manufacturers still need to make further efforts in designing and manufacturing advanced furnace types. In the future, the development direction of electric furnace type will be an electric furnace that can realize continuous feeding, scrap preheating, green environmental protection, low dioxin emission, waste heat recovery and intelligent steelmaking.

Various high-efficiency production technologies are adopted in advanced furnace types. At present, under the condition of all scrap, some domestic Consteel electric furnaces, like converters, can also achieve a smelting cycle of 30 minutes. Other technical and economic indicators can reach the metal yield of 90%~92%, the total scrap power consumption is less than 300 kwh / T, the electrode consumption is less than 1.0 kg / T, and the annual output per unit nominal capacity can reach more than 10000 tons of steel / T.

At present, the cost of electric furnace steel is 500 yuan / ton steel to 600 yuan / ton steel higher than that of long process. The difference mainly lies in raw materials (iron ore, coke, scrap steel), power consumption, electrode consumption, refractory consumption, etc. the way to reduce the cost of short process lies in the above factors. In view of the high cost of domestic steel enterprises for a long time, expanding scrap import and reducing dependence on iron ore are realistic options.

In addition, the process management and control of low production cost of electric furnace steel also include: reducing raw material cost, strengthening the classified processing and management of scrap and ferrous raw materials, and widely using various ferrous materials, such as hot pressed iron blocks, extracting ferrovanadium, etc. Reduce energy consumption, carry out research on Optimization of electric furnace power supply technology, reduce power consumption and electrode consumption, and recover physical heat, such as hot charging sponge iron and molten iron; Strengthen the recovery of chemical heat, such as the realization of scrap preheating technology and continuous feeding device. Peak load shifting, good use of valley power, continuity and automation of operation process, shortening hot shutdown time, etc.

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