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Blast furnace Process engineering and chemistry

Blast furnace Process engineering and chemistry A blast furnace is a metallurgical furnace used to smelt and produce industrial metals, usually pig iron but also other metals such as lead or copper. Blast is the provision of combustion air above atmospheric pressure. [1]In a blast furnace, fuel (cok

2023 03-30
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Cooling methods arc furnaces

Smaller arc furnaces may be adequately cooled by circulation of air over structural elements of the shell and roof, but larger installations require intensive forced cooling to maintain the structure within safe operating limits. The furnace shell and roof may be cooled either by water circulated th

2023 03-10
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Energy density of electric arc furnace

Producing one ton of steel in an electric arc furnace requires about 400 kWh per short ton (1.44 gigajoules) or about 440 kWh per ton (1.6 GJ); the theoretical minimum energy required to melt one ton of scrap is 300 kWh (1.09 GJ) (melting point 1,520 °C (2,768 °F)). Thus, a 300-ton, 300-MVA EAF woul

2023 03-03
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Electric arc furnace's introduction - part 2

The electric arc furnace is mainly composed of electrode holder, electrode, furnace cover, molten bath, furnace door, tilting cradle, hydraulic steel and other components. The furnace bottom and furnace wall are constructed of acidic or alkaline refractory materials. First, the electric energy is transmitted to the furnace through the electrode, and then the electrode and furnace charge are used to generate electric arc to raise the temperature in the furnace. Finally, the high temperature makes the ore metal melt.

2022 10-28
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Advances in intelligent technology of electric arc furnace steelmaking

In recent years, electric arc furnace steelmaking​ has made great progress in the field of intelligent smelting, and a series of advanced detection technologies and control models have been developed.

2022 10-14




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