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Process and advantages of electric arc furnace melting cast iron

At present, the domestic electric arc furnace smelting of high carbon wear-resistant steel castings has developed rapidly, but its application in smelting high-end cast iron refractory castings is less.

2022 09-26
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6 kinds of refractory materials for trough tapping structure

The tapping groove is connected to the furnace shell, and its masonry methods include ramming, pouring, bricklaying or comprehensive masonry.

2022 09-12
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Why must the new electric arc furnace for steelmaking be dried up - part 2

Low voltage and small current must be used to slowly heat up the brine furnace (carbon free furnace lining). If the temperature rises rapidly, the brine will vaporize violently and cause furnace bottom cracking and furnace wall cracking. In the process of furnace drying, it is necessary to arrange an interval to cut off power, check the electrode position of furnace drying, furnace lining sintering, equipment and water cooling system

2022 06-10
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Electric arc furnace's future technical direction

With the goal of "high efficiency, low consumption, green and intelligent", steel enterprises need to select appropriate electric furnace type and production technology. The raw material of converter process is mainly liquid molten iron, the raw material of electric furnace process is mainly solid scrap, and the final product form is liquid steel. The different transformation of physical and chemical forms determines the different control methods.

2022 06-03
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Electric furnace steelmaking technology 02

At present, the domestic electric furnace equipment accounts for 85% of the domestic electric furnace capacity, and the imported electric furnace accounts for 15%. Although domestic manufacturers have certain strength in single equipment, and electric furnace equipment below 100 tons has basically been localized, Chinese scientific and technological workers have also been committed to developing complete sets of electric furnace equipment with independent intellectual property rights.

2022 06-01




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