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6 kinds of refractory materials for trough tapping structure

The tapping groove is connected to the furnace shell, and its masonry methods include ramming, pouring, bricklaying or comprehensive masonry.

2022 09-12
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Best EBT crusting problem solution shared from Chnzbtech

A tapping box protruding from the furnace shell is installed on the original tapping side to replace the original tapping groove. Refractory materials are built inside the tapping box, and a small molten pool is formed. It is connected with the large molten pool at the bottom of the original furnace and has a smooth transition. The tapping hole is opened vertically at the bottom of the small molten pool of the tapping box.

2022 07-22
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Advantages of Consteel electric furnace and applicable charge operation

The Consteel electric furnace smelting process is a new process developed by the Italian Dexing Group in the 1990s.

2022 06-27
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Why must the new electric arc furnace for steelmaking be dried up - part 2

Low voltage and small current must be used to slowly heat up the brine furnace (carbon free furnace lining). If the temperature rises rapidly, the brine will vaporize violently and cause furnace bottom cracking and furnace wall cracking. In the process of furnace drying, it is necessary to arrange an interval to cut off power, check the electrode position of furnace drying, furnace lining sintering, equipment and water cooling system

2022 06-10
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Difference between converter steelmaking and electric arc furnace steelmaking

Converter steelmaking is the process of converting molten iron from the blast furnace into oxygen. The furnace body can rotate. The steel plate is used as the shell, and the refractory material is used as the lining. During converter steelmaking, there is no need to heat the molten iron, because the molten iron itself is high temperature, and the oxidation reaction of heating continues inside.

2022 06-06




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