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Electric arc furnace's introduction - part 2

The electric arc furnace is mainly composed of electrode holder, electrode, furnace cover, molten bath, furnace door, tilting cradle, hydraulic steel and other components. The furnace bottom and furnace wall are constructed of acidic or alkaline refractory materials. First, the electric energy is transmitted to the furnace through the electrode, and then the electrode and furnace charge are used to generate electric arc to raise the temperature in the furnace. Finally, the high temperature makes the ore metal melt.

2022 10-28
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Advances in intelligent technology of electric arc furnace steelmaking

In recent years, electric arc furnace steelmaking​ has made great progress in the field of intelligent smelting, and a series of advanced detection technologies and control models have been developed.

2022 10-14
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Electric furnace steelmaking technology 02

At present, the domestic electric furnace equipment accounts for 85% of the domestic electric furnace capacity, and the imported electric furnace accounts for 15%. Although domestic manufacturers have certain strength in single equipment, and electric furnace equipment below 100 tons has basically been localized, Chinese scientific and technological workers have also been committed to developing complete sets of electric furnace equipment with independent intellectual property rights.

2022 06-01
continous charging electric arc furnace - CHNZBTECH.jpg
Electric arc furnace's introduction-part 2

Electric arc furnace melting uses the heat generated by the electric arc between graphite electrode and iron (molten iron) to melt iron and overheat molten iron. In the process of electric arc furnace smelting, when the iron is melted, the smelting operation of further increasing the temperature and adjusting the chemical composition is carried out under the condition that the molten iron is covered by the slag.

2022 03-16
continous charging electric arc furnace - CHNZBTECH.png
13 steps of electric arc furnace steelmaking-part 2

The oxidation period of ordinary power electric arc furnace steelmaking usually refers to the process stage from the dissolution of the charge, sampling and analysis to the completion of the oxidation slag. Some think it started from blowing oxygen or adding ore to decarbonize.

2022 01-17




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