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Electric furnace steelmaking technology 02

At present, the domestic electric furnace equipment accounts for 85% of the domestic electric furnace capacity, and the imported electric furnace accounts for 15%. Although domestic manufacturers have certain strength in single equipment, and electric furnace equipment below 100 tons has basically been localized, Chinese scientific and technological workers have also been committed to developing complete sets of electric furnace equipment with independent intellectual property rights.

2022 06-01
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Electric arc furnace steelmaking process: the damage mechanism of refractory materials in various parts

The furnace top, also known as the furnace cover, is in a circular arch shape and can be moved. The outer ring is a water-jacketed steel structure. During the smelting process, the furnace roof (especially the central part of the furnace roof, around the electrode hole and the dust removal hole) is at high temperature for a long time. The state of the furnace is also affected by sudden changes in temperature. The chemical corrosion of furnace gas and slagging powder, the radiation of electrode arc and the erosion of smoke and dust, the dust on the furnace roof also produces pressure and hinders heat dissipation. The furnace roof is also subject to mechanical The function of vibration, the working conditions are very bad, it is the weak link of the whole furnace lining.

2021 03-08
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Comparison of DC electric arc furnace and traditional AC electric arc furnace

Compared with traditional AC electric arc furnaces, there are those advantages. Do you know what electric arc furnaces are? In fact, electric arc furnaces are tools used to make steel. There are many types of electric arc furnaces. Different types of electric arc furnaces use different steelmaking methods. The DC electric arc furnace is derived from the DC electric arc furnace, so what are the advantages of the DC electric arc furnace? Today I will introduce you to the advantages of the DC electric arc furnace.

2021 03-05
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Optimization of EAF technology

We have optimized the EAF technology to achieve the best balance among raw materials, scrap preheating, energy saving and environmental protection, process control, automation control, smelting cycle and production capacity.Electric energy is input into EAF through graphite electrode, and the arc be

2020 10-30




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