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Rolling Machine

1. Different size of rebar, coil, strip, pipe, slab rolling mill available;
2. Customized design, ISO, DIN, GB, ASTM standard fabricate and material;
3. SGS, INTERTEK inspection service provided;
4. Punctual delivery, high end quality, and attentive service after sale;
5. CE, ISO certified;

Rolling Machine


   Rolling mill is the equipment that realizes the metal rolling process, and generally refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling material production.The rolling mill can be divided into two rolls, four rolls, six rolls, eight rolls, twelve rolls, eighteen rolls, etc. according to the number of rolls; according to the arrangement of the rolls, it can be divided into "L" type, "T" type, " Types F", "Z" and "S".


   Ordinary rolling mill is mainly composed of roll, frame, roll distance adjustment device, roll temperature adjustment device, transmission device, lubrication system, control system and roll removal device. In addition to the main components and devices of ordinary rolling mills, the precision calendering machine adds a device to ensure the rolling accuracy.


   It consists of rolls, rolling mill arches, bearing seats, bearings, self-contained rewinding and unwinding or rewinding and unwinding platforms, bases, roll adjustment devices, upper roll balance devices and roll changing devices.

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