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Fume Treatment Plant

1. Collecting in the whole process of production.
2. High collecting ratio, fume collecting rate>98%
3. Lowering the environmental noise of electric furnace platform.
4. Arrangement of the movable hood should not affect the normal operation of smelting and should convenient for maintenance.
5. Different structure, different design with highly customized available for steel plant, foundry plant;

Dust Capture Equipment

    The electric furnace dust capture is a high temperature dedusting system that specializes in treating various industrial furnace flue gases such as electric arc furnaces, refining furnaces and submerged arc furnaces. The dust removal system has a small footprint, large processing air volume, automatic intelligent control, no need for special care and operation, small investment and low operating cost, and is an ideal environmental treatment equipment ideal for all types of metallurgical enterprises.

China Dust capture equipment manufacturers-CHNZBTECH

Competitive advantages:

1. Designing the optimum fume trend in semi-hermetic fume collection hood to reduce turbulence.

2. Forced diversion to form the shortest process, effectively improve the collecting efficiency.

3. Enlarging the fume storage space to solve the difficulty of dealing with the sudden burst of fume at the peak of smelting.

4. Skewing and declining of the sealing surface, reducing high-temperature fume erosion, improving the stability of the equipment.

5. The labyrinth seal is adapted to reduce the leakage rate of fume.

6. Setting reasonable fume trend in semi-hermetic fume collecting hood to lower air volume distribution effectively.

7. The strengthening design of equipment intensity and rigidity to ensure the high-temperature resistance, impact-resistant and radiation resistance of equipment when smelting with great intensity.

    Dust collector is one of the three elements in high temperature fume treatment, which directly affect the dust removal system performance and energy consumption. The "high resistance syndrome" of dust collector is the common problem in domestic high-temperature flume gas treatment. For a long time, because the particle of high-temperature metallurgical fume is extremely subtle, so extensive use of bag filter is inevitable, which also can realize the purification efficiency, other types of dust collector cannot do.

workshop dust collector manufacturers-CHNZBTECH

    After long-term efforts to explore and practice, our company finally develops "anti-condensation low resistance pulse cleaning bag dust collector ", which with the feature of " low structural resistance, excellent performance of anti-condensation, strong function of the settlement, off-line compartment cleaning ", so that dust collector long-time stably works in the low resistance condition. " low resistance, intermediate temperature, mass flow" technology has been supplemented, so that the dust removal system works at a smaller motor power to achieve a greater amount of wind, not only reduces power consumption, but also ensures the collecting effect.

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