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Induction Furnace

(1) Less volume, lighter weight, high efficiency and less power consumption.
(2) Lower temperature, less dust around the furnace.
(3) Simple operation, reliable and stable melting.
(4) Uniform temperature, less burning loss, uniform metal composition.
(5) Rapidly raise and easily control the heating temperature and higher production efficiency.
(6) High utilization rate and convenient replacement with various kinds of metals.

Induction Furnace

   The furnace body adopts the squirrel-cage type frame structure of high quality steel plates fabricated by rolling and welding, with removable covers on its windows and high-quality thick steel plates at bottom. There is a supporting bracket of lining pushing mechanism on the lower part of furnace shell. There are profiling magnetic yokes inside furnace shell which can reduce magnetic leakage, prevent the frame structure from heating, increase electrical efficiency, support induction coils and enhance their strength. 



    Without taking the yokes away, the assembly, disassembly, maintenance, observation and heat dissipation of induction coils can be conveniently carried out. The furnace cover is lifted and swung by hydraulic or manual system. There is an inspection hole on the top of furnace cover, through which temperature measurement and supplement of alloy materials can be carried out conveniently. The use of furnace cover can reduce heat losses, power consumption and production cost.






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