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Electric arc furnace's future technical direction

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Future technical direction of electric arc steel furnace

With the goal of "high efficiency, low consumption, green and intelligent", steel enterprises need to select appropriate electric furnace type and production technology. The raw material of converter process is mainly liquid molten iron, the raw material of electric furnace process is mainly solid scrap, and the final product form is liquid steel. The different transformation of physical and chemical forms determines the different control methods. Therefore, the control of electric furnace is much more difficult than that of converter. This difference should be fully considered in electric furnace steelmaking. The future development direction mainly includes short process high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and low cost production technology, green key process technology, new ecological electric furnace short process intelligent manufacturing, high value-added special steel metallurgy technology, etc.Tapping spout EAF - CHNZBTECH

In terms of efficient production of electric furnace, steel enterprises need to pay attention to scrap sorting and treatment, continuous feeding and preheating, automatic electrode adjustment, multi-functional oxygen burning burner and composite carbon injection to stabilize foam slag, flat melting pool and long furnace life, bottom blowing technology, etc; In terms of greening, it includes waste heat recovery of flue gas, heat preservation and energy saving of furnace shell, waste heat utilization of low calorific value waste water, dioxin treatment, extraction of high-quality additives from zinc containing dust removal ash, upgrading and utilization of furnace slag, etc; Intellectualization, including scrap and burden proportioning, electrode intelligent adjustment, multi-functional robot, continuous temperature measurement of molten pool, foam slag detection and liquid level monitoring and control, furnace gas online analysis, end-point control, one click electric furnace steelmaking or overall intelligent control technology of electric furnace, etc.

On the whole, the proportion of high-end special steel in China is less than 5%, more than 20% in European countries, the United States and Japan, and up to 60% in Sweden. There is still a big gap in China. Generally speaking, high-end special steel is mostly produced by electric furnaces. The special steel industry is highly specialized, with many varieties and small batches, so it is difficult to achieve scale effect. Steel enterprises should pay more attention to making up for the lack of scale with high quality. At present, the iron and steel industry is changing from the pursuit of total quantity to the pursuit of high quality. Material upgrading is imminent. The demand for high-end special steel is expected to usher in rapid growth. It is necessary to pay close attention to the corresponding high-end special steel production technology.

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