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Ways to reduce electrode consumption in arc furnace smelting

How to reduce the consumption of three circumference electrodes in smelting is not only the technology of carbon manufacturers, but also the important work of smelting manufacturers to cooperate in the use and optimize the operation of electric furnaces.

2022 10-07
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Electric arc furnace's future technical direction

With the goal of "high efficiency, low consumption, green and intelligent", steel enterprises need to select appropriate electric furnace type and production technology. The raw material of converter process is mainly liquid molten iron, the raw material of electric furnace process is mainly solid scrap, and the final product form is liquid steel. The different transformation of physical and chemical forms determines the different control methods.

2022 06-03
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Electric furnace steelmaking technology 01

Focusing on the objectives of high production efficiency, simple function, environmental friendliness, intelligent control and diversified raw materials, electric furnace steelmaking technology has been continuously developed. The goal of high efficiency of electric furnace smelting is to shorten the smelting cycle and power on time as much as possible and reduce the smelting power consumption as much as possible.

2022 05-27
How is steel made in an electric arc furnace

Electric furnace steelmaking mainly uses arc heat. In the arc action area, the temperature is as high as 4000 ℃. The smelting process is generally divided into melting period, oxidation period and reduction period. In the furnace, not only oxidation atmosphere but also reduction atmosphere can be caused. Therefore, the efficiency of dephosphorization and desulfurization is very high.

2022 04-29
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Electric arc furnace's introduction-part 2

Electric arc furnace melting uses the heat generated by the electric arc between graphite electrode and iron (molten iron) to melt iron and overheat molten iron. In the process of electric arc furnace smelting, when the iron is melted, the smelting operation of further increasing the temperature and adjusting the chemical composition is carried out under the condition that the molten iron is covered by the slag.

2022 03-16




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