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Factors affecting graphite electrode consumption in eaf smelting

The generalized consumption of graphite electrode in smelting can be divided into active consumption, natural consumption or technical consumption.

2022 10-03
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Electric arc furnace's future technical direction

With the goal of "high efficiency, low consumption, green and intelligent", steel enterprises need to select appropriate electric furnace type and production technology. The raw material of converter process is mainly liquid molten iron, the raw material of electric furnace process is mainly solid scrap, and the final product form is liquid steel. The different transformation of physical and chemical forms determines the different control methods.

2022 06-03
Electric arc furnace steelmaking: what are its obvious advantages?

Electric arc furnace steelmaking is now the general trend, so what are the obvious advantages of electric arc furnace steelmaking? We can find out about this from the electric arc furnace manufacturer!   Electric arc furnace steelmaking advantages:1. The electric arc furnace production process has t

2021 10-22
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Introduction to the electric arc furnace steelmaking process and the art process

The operation of adjusting the slag composition, alkalinity, viscosity and reaction ability in the production of steel and iron. For example, the oxygen blowing operation is to generate slag with sufficient fluidity and alkalinity, which can transfer enough oxygen to the metal surface, so as to reduce the sulfur and phosphorus below the upper limit of the planned steel grade, and make the oxygen spray splash The amount of slag and spillage is minimized.

2021 03-10
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The future development of electric arc furnace is broad

The proportion of scrap steel making steel is increasing, and the future development space is broad. my country is a big country of iron and steel production. The proportion of long-process steel making is as high as 90%. There is a huge demand for iron ore (745, 16.00, 2.19%). At the same time, the dependence on iron ore has also remained above 80%. The countries that import iron ore in my country are relatively concentrated, and most of the importing countries are in Australia, Brazil and South Africa. Among them, Australia's imports accounted for more than 60%. The total amount of Australian ore imported by China accounts for more than 70% of the country’s ore output. A large amount of dependence on imports has made our country very passive in international ore pricing. International iron ore prices have also risen all the way, which has also put pressure on domestic steelmaking costs.

2021 02-19




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