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Advantages of Consteel electric furnace and applicable charge operation

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Advantages of Consteel electric arc furnace smelting

The Consteel electric furnace smelting process is a new process developed by the Italian Dexing Group in the 1990s. Consteel electric furnace smelting process has ten characteristics:

1. Scrap preheating: Before the scrap is fed into the furnace, the flue gas generated in the furnace is preheated in the preheating section of the conveying channel, and the average temperature is 600--650C;

2. Steel retention operation: there are at least 30 tons of molten steel in the electric furnace, and then continuous feeding, electrode transmission, carbon-oxygen lance operation, the electric furnace always works in a flat molten pool state, which can reduce arc fluctuations;

3. Continuous feeding: no need to frequently shut down the furnace and open the furnace cover to reduce heat loss;

4. The structure of the electric furnace body is reasonable: it is equipped with a TBT eccentric bottom tapping device, a tubular water-cooled furnace cover, and the furnace wall and furnace body are divided into two sections, which are easy to repair and maintain;cheap Consteel electric furnace -Chnzbtech

5. The furnace is equipped with an injection system: supersonic water-cooled oxygen lance, self-consumption carbon injection gun and carbon injection system are used;

6. Advanced conductive system: the transformer is the side outlet, using copper and steel composite electrode arms and electrode water-cooling spray system;

7. Simple operation technology: steel slag retention, foam slag submerged arc single molten pool smelting operation technology;

8. Set up a mechanized feeding system: the electric furnace is equipped with two sets of feeding systems. Among them, a set of bulk material feeding system is specially used for feeding CON-STEEL system; a set of post-furnace ferroalloy feeding system is used for deoxidation and initial alloying in the process of tapping after the electric furnace;

9. Advanced dust removal system: The electric furnace adopts the dust removal facilities mainly based on CONSTEEL smoke extraction and dust removal, and at the same time, the roof hood smoke extraction is supplemented;

10. In order to ensure that the flue gas of the electric furnace can fully burn CO and eliminate harmful gases, a secondary combustion chamber is set up after the CONSTEEL.

11. Adopt automatic control: adopt CONSTEEL smelting and feeding process control, CONSTEEL preheating combustion process control and foam slag optimization process control, etc.

The continous charging electric arc furnace process is suitable for the operation of the following various charges:

1. Scrap: Without any pre-treatment, various grades of scrap for electric furnaces listed in the American Scrap Iron and Steel Institute (ISISI) specification can be directly used in the production of Consdy electric furnaces. Although preheating is not as good as other types of scrap, bales can be used as part of the charge if desired. Car slabs cut in a certain proportion according to ISISI specifications, loose cuttings and iron drills that are properly mixed with other grades of scrap in electric arc furnaces are all good raw materials for Considi electric furnace technology.

2. Scrap and pig iron: Scrap and pig iron are popular scrap charge additions to improve steel purity, and when properly distributed in the charge, help maintain proper carbon levels in the charge .

3. Cold direct reduced iron (DRI) and hot briquetted iron (HBI): These materials are accepted as pure iron sources for electric furnace smelting for rolling flat and high quality steel billets required by small steel mills. Hot briquettes can be loaded into the Constel unit together with scrap. The cold DRI is preferably loaded into the preheater in a specific location or directly into the electric furnace.

4. Hot-charged DRI: Hot DRI is extremely beneficial for use in the Considi process, and the savings brought about by the energy contained can increase the economic feasibility of building DRI plants in areas where gas costs are expensive. Different proportions of DRI and scrap can be used in the Constel electric furnace process.

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