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Top 10 continuous charging EAF features and advantages

Saving production costs is a major advantage of continuous charging EAF. The production cost savings brought by the continuous charging EAF smelting process mainly comes from continuous charging and stable smelting state. These factors determine that less total energy (electrical and chemical) needs to be consumed in the smelting process, and can use energy better and more efficient.

2022 07-15
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Advantages of Consteel electric furnace and applicable charge operation

The Consteel electric furnace smelting process is a new process developed by the Italian Dexing Group in the 1990s.

2022 06-27
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Electric arc furnace's structure, classification and principle

Electric arc furnace is an effective container for smelting minerals or metals. What is the principle of electric arc furnace? How does it complete the smelting of certain substances?

2021 11-05
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How to replace electric arc furnace's wearing parts?

Electric arc furnace is an electric furnace for smelting ore and metal at high temperature produced by electrode arc, which is suitable for smelting high-quality alloy steel. With the increase of service time of electric arc furnace, a small number of vulnerable parts need to be replaced at any time, mainly including copper electrode, copper wire mesh, quartz tube, etc. So, how should these parts be replaced?

2021 10-29
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Introduction to the electric arc furnace steelmaking process and the art process

The operation of adjusting the slag composition, alkalinity, viscosity and reaction ability in the production of steel and iron. For example, the oxygen blowing operation is to generate slag with sufficient fluidity and alkalinity, which can transfer enough oxygen to the metal surface, so as to reduce the sulfur and phosphorus below the upper limit of the planned steel grade, and make the oxygen spray splash The amount of slag and spillage is minimized.

2021 03-10




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