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Advantages of Consteel electric furnace and applicable charge operation

The Consteel electric furnace smelting process is a new process developed by the Italian Dexing Group in the 1990s.

2022 06-27
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13 steps of electric arc furnace steelmaking-part 1

The operation of adding raw materials such as molten iron or scrap steel to the electric furnace is the first step of the electric furnace steelmaking operation. The operation of adjusting the slag composition, alkalinity, viscosity and reaction ability in the production of steel and iron.

2022 01-14
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What is the electric furnace's technology of slag-free steel tapping?

The sliding nozzle tap can be used in electric furnaces​ and converters. Its structure is similar to that of the ladle sliding nozzle, but it is relatively large and the operation is basically the same. The sliding nozzle device developed by the British Sheffield company was successfully applied to the tapping nozzle in a 90t electric furnace for the first time.

2022 01-12
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Analysis of Dynamic Conditions of Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

The poor kinetic conditions of the metallurgical reaction in the molten pool have always been a technical problem in electric arc furnace steelmaking. The lack of agitation strength of the electric arc furnace steelmaking bath has a lot to do with the characteristics of the furnace type. The traditional electric arc furnace uses scrap steel as the basic raw material, mainly uses electricity, and is supplemented by chemical energy to produce qualified molten steel.

2021 02-24
Electroslag Remelting Furnaces factory-CHNZBTECH.JPG
Optimal control of electric arc furnace steelmaking process

1. Cost control optimization systemIn recent years, the University of Science and Technology Beijing has adopted the theory of space-time multi-scale structure to study the electric arc furnace steelmaking process, and pointed out that there are multiple space-time scales such as micro-scale

2020 11-13




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