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The LF ladle refining furnace produced by our company is particularly good

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Through our refining technology, the efficiency and automation level of LF has been fully utilized.

The LF ladle refining furnace is currently the most widely used external refining equipment. It is used to refine the molten steel in the primary furnace, and can adjust the temperature of the molten steel and process buffers. It has the advantages of reasonable equipment structure, reliable operation and low cost, many kinds of refined steel, high quality, convenient operation, etc. The LF specification ranges from 8t to 300t, and it has the following conditions and functions:

China Ladle furnce - CHNZBTECH

1. The working conditions in the furnace are reducing atmosphere and slight positive pressure;

2. The electrode adjustment method is three-arm three-phase electrode adjustment separately;

3. The thermodynamic condition is graphite electrode arc heating;

4. The kinetic condition is argon blowing and stirring at the bottom of the ladle;

5. Add a certain amount of scrap steel into the ladle, arc heating, temperature measurement and sampling, so that the temperature control is accurate, so that the pouring temperature can be optimized;

6. Blow argon at the bottom and stir to make the temperature of the molten steel uniform, the composition uniform, and the molten steel pure;

7. Slagging, removal of sulfur and inclusions in molten steel;

8. Adjust the alloy composition and use an alloy feeding system to make the composition control accurate and the molten steel to reach the final required chemical composition;

China vacuum refining furnace- CHNZBTECH  

9. Wire feeding treatment, using wire feeding machine to directly feed various wires into molten steel, which can significantly increase the yield of alloy;

10. Smoke and dust removal, equipped with a smoke and dust removal system, can effectively control the flue gas emission, so that the amount of smoke and dust emission meets the requirements of environmental protection;

11. As the refining equipment outside the furnace between the primary furnace and the continuous casting machine, it plays a buffer adjustment role in the production process of the entire workshop, ensuring that the continuous casting machine is provided with molten steel with qualified temperature and composition.

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