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Electric arc furnace VS LF refining furnace

What is the difference between electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace? The use of ordinary electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace is not the same as the quality of finished steel The steel should be of high quality. General electric arc furnace and LF refining furnace with the use. E

2021 09-10
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Vacuum arc furnace is a kind of vacuum metallurgical smelting equipment.

Vacuum arc furnace is a kind of vacuum metallurgical smelting equipment. The furnace body is a closed container, pumped into a vacuum or filled with inert gas. An electric arc is generated after the electrode through the top of the furnace and the water-cooled crystallizer at the bottom of the fur

2021 06-28
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Vacuum degassing of the relevant knowledge

The relevant control parameters of the vacuum degassing furnace are set by the MMI screen. The relevant data is sent to the PLC of the VD furnace, and the PLC of the PLC boiler and the wire feeder control the relevant electrical operations through the SINECH1 bus. At the same time, the detection sig

2021 06-02
the vacuum degassing - CHNZBTECH.jpg
The selection of the vacuum degassing

The induction the vacuum degassing furnace can realize the following conventional processes:Melting solid materials in the atmosphere (vacuum melting can be an option). Melting solid materials in a controlled atmosphere. Make the alloy distribution uniform and adjust the chemical composition the va

2021 04-07
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The LF ladle refining furnace produced by our company is particularly good

Through our refining technology, the efficiency and automation level of LF has been fully utilized.The LF ladle refining furnace is currently the most widely used external refining equipment. It is used to refine the molten steel in the primary furnace, and can adjust the temperature of the molten s

2020 12-23




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