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Secondary refining's effects

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In the modern steel production process, the main functions of secondary refining furnace are:

1. Undertake the original partial refining function of primary refining furnace, complete partial steelmaking reaction under the best thermodynamic and kinetic conditions, and improve the production capacity of monomer equipment;

2. Uniform molten steel and accurate control of steel composition;

3. Accurately control the temperature of molten steel to meet the requirements of continuous casting production;

4. Further improve the purity of molten steel and meet the performance requirements of finished steel;vacuum oxygen decarburization factory - CHNZBTECH

5. As a buffer between steelmaking and continuous casting, improve the overall efficiency of steelmaking workshop.

In order to complete the above refining tasks, the secondary refining furnace equipment is generally required to have the following functions:

1. The function of molten pool stirring can homogenize the composition and temperature of molten steel and promote the floating of inclusions and the reaction of steel slag;

2. Molten steel heating and temperature control function to accurately control the temperature of molten steel;

3. Refining functions, including slag washing, degassing, decarburization, desulfurization, inclusion removal and inclusion denaturation treatment;

4. Alloying function to control the narrow composition of molten steel;

5. Production regulation function to balance steelmaking continuous casting production.

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