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Learn details of VOD smelting stainless steel denitrification method

Vacuum oxygen decarburization refining furnace smelting stainless steel denitrification method, the carbon content of stainless steel water before treatment in vacuum oxygen decarburization refining furnace is required to be controlled at more than 0.30%, after oxygen desiliconization, carbon, oxygen content in molten steel.

2022 07-18
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Vacuum degassing guide to principle, process and parameters

Vacuum degassing is carried out in the furnace body under a special vacuum environment. After a series of process operations, the product can achieve the specified effect.

2022 07-11
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Review Chnzbtech ladle refining furnace advantages and refining method

Ladle refining furnace (Ladle refining furnace) refers to equipment that has both the heating and refining functions of a steelmaking furnace. It is an important metallurgical equipment used for refining molten steel melted in primary furnaces (electric arc furnace, open hearth, converter), and can adjust the temperature of molten steel, process buffering, and meet continuous casting and continuous rolling requirements.

2022 07-08
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Secondary refining's effects

1. Undertake the original partial refining function of primary refining furnace, complete partial steelmaking reaction under the best thermodynamic and kinetic conditions, and improve the production capacity of monomer equipment; 2. Uniform molten steel and accurate control of steel composition; 3. Accurately control the temperature of molten steel to meet the requirements of continuous casting production;

2022 02-25
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Secondary refining's development

In order to homogenize the composition and temperature, the gas stirring process in the ladle appeared. The most striking is the adoption of secondary refining, which greatly improves the output and quality of steel. However, what is the main task and purpose of secondary refining? The composition of molten steel, decarburization, deslagging and refining of molten steel shall be adjusted according to the target of molten steel, molten steel melting, deslagging and refining.

2022 02-23




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