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Secondary refining's effects

1. Undertake the original partial refining function of primary refining furnace, complete partial steelmaking reaction under the best thermodynamic and kinetic conditions, and improve the production capacity of monomer equipment; 2. Uniform molten steel and accurate control of steel composition; 3. Accurately control the temperature of molten steel to meet the requirements of continuous casting production;

2022 02-25
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Vacuum melting furnace of the application and development

Application and development trend of vacuum melting furnace   Everyone knows that the vacuum melting furnace is a widely used vacuum equipment in the market for the preparation of metal alloy materials. Vacuum induction melting technology has also been very well applied in different occasions and fi

2021 06-04
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Precautions for the operation of LF furnace refining technology

Precautions for the operation of LF furnace refining technology 1. Inspection and preparation before refining of power distribution workers 1.1 Carefully check whether the selector switches are correct according to the equipment operating regulations. 1.2 Whether the high-voltage electrical system is normal. If there is any abnormality, report to the dispatching room and notify the electrical personnel to deal with it in time.

2021 02-15
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Several characteristics of ladle refining furnace

Ladle refining furnace is not often encountered in our lives. I believe many friends are very unfamiliar with it, but it is one of the main equipment for refining outside the furnace. The following is a summary of the characteristics of Zebang refining furnace manufacturer for everyone, let's learn

2020 11-06




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