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Daily maintenance of electric arc furnace

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Daily maintenance of electric arc furnace

1. Daily maintenance of furnace cover

When maintaining the furnace cover, the following must be observed:

1) The ash deposits on the furnace cover should be purged regularly to keep the furnace cover dissipating heat.

2) Use electricity strictly according to the power curve to avoid damage to the furnace cover. It is generally stipulated that the reactance should be added after power transmission, and the reactance will be cut off after 30 minutes. Use low pressure after the formation of carbide slag or white slag during the reduction period.

3) After the top-loading furnace is charged, if the charge is too high, and it is estimated that the furnace body cannot be driven in, the charge must be leveled, and the charge must not hit the furnace cover. When dropping the furnace cover, you must be careful and do not use too much force to prevent the furnace from being damaged by vibration.

4) During the smelting process, you should be careful when lifting and lowering the electrode to prevent the electrode from driving the electrode ring and pressing across the furnace cover.arc furnace factory -Chnzbtech

5) Regularly check the cooling water pressure of the furnace cover (>0.3MPa), if any leakage is found, it should be repaired by welding immediately. The furnace cover ring should also be inspected regularly.

6) For the water-cooled furnace cover, pay attention to check the water temperature to prevent the water temperature from rising.

2. Daily maintenance of furnace wall

When maintaining the furnace wall, the following must be noted:

1) The loading amount of the furnace should be determined according to the furnace service. Generally, after the furnace is repaired, the loading amount is reduced, and no more loading is required to prevent the slag line from rising and corroding. The loading amount can be increased in the later stage of the furnace.

2) Attention should be paid to calibrating the electrode frame every time the furnace wall is built, and the skewed electrode frame should not be used to avoid damage to the furnace wall.

3) The cooling system of all parts of the furnace body should always check the water temperature and keep it smooth to prevent water leakage.

4) In order to prevent cracks in the furnace wall caused by rapid cooling and rapid heating, the furnace should be loaded with charge and the furnace door should be closed when the furnace is stopped.

3. Daily maintenance of furnace bottom and furnace slope

When maintaining the furnace bottom and furnace slope, the following matters must be paid attention to

1) The furnace bottom and furnace slope must maintain the normal shape. When the pit is out of the pit, it must be shim according to the regulations, and it must be dealt with in time when it is high.

2) A sufficient amount of lime must be evenly added to the bottom of the furnace before charging. When charging, the height of the tank from the bottom of the furnace should be appropriate, not too high, to prevent the charge from damaging the bottom of the furnace.

3) After each furnace repair, alloy steel shall not be smelted in the first 3 furnaces. It is better to use non-oxidizing method to smelt or smelt carbon steel.

4) During the smelting process, electricity must be used strictly according to the power curve.

5) When blowing oxygen, the oxygen blowing pipe shall not touch the furnace bottom and furnace slope.

6) During the smelting process, it is necessary to adjust the basicity at any time to prevent the slag from being too thin and eroding the slag line.

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