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Daily maintenance of electric arc furnace

The loading amount of the furnace should be determined according to the furnace service.

2022 10-31
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Electric arc furnace's introduction - part 2

The electric arc furnace is mainly composed of electrode holder, electrode, furnace cover, molten bath, furnace door, tilting cradle, hydraulic steel and other components. The furnace bottom and furnace wall are constructed of acidic or alkaline refractory materials. First, the electric energy is transmitted to the furnace through the electrode, and then the electrode and furnace charge are used to generate electric arc to raise the temperature in the furnace. Finally, the high temperature makes the ore metal melt.

2022 10-28
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Automatic control of electric arc furnace steelmaking

The electric arc furnace automation control system mainly includes three aspects: the electric arc furnace body system, the Consteel horizontal feeding system, and the furnace door furnace wall oxygen lance system.

2022 09-16
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Common steel smelting methods

Steelmaking refers to the steel obtained by smelting scrap steel or pig iron into a steelmaking furnace according to a certain process, and the excess carbon and other impurities are converted into gas or slag to be removed; the encyclopedia below will introduce what steelmaking is? Commonly used steelmaking smelting methods and principles and steelmaking process flow.

2022 01-28
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About the electric furnaces' technology of slag-free steel tapping, how much do you know?

In the early days, the direction of rotation of the closing mechanism of the tap hole of DEMAC was vertical, and later it was mostly changed to the horizontal direction. For example, the BSE tapping technology in Germany, its advantage is that the plate that closes the tap hole moves horizontally, and the total height is low.

2022 01-10




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