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Cooling tower's installation essentials

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Installation essentials of steel plant cooling tower 

Below we introduce some when installing cooling tower

1. Pre select appropriate installation site

Pay attention to the load and ventilation conditions at the installation position of the water tower.

2. Prefabricated cement foundation and installation of water tower support frame

According to the instructions, the foundation of the concrete or steel frame shall be prefabricated, and then the bottom basin support frame of the water tower shall be assembled into a circular frame in a ring, and the level must be uniform.

3. Installation of water tower sink and basin bottomsteel plant cooling tower-Chnzbtech

Place the water tank on the central foundation, the periphery of the water basin is supported on the bottom frame, and the inner circle of the water basin is fixed on the flange surface of the water tank.

4. Install the central throat pipe, central throat clamp and girth support frame

The central throat shall be vertically installed on the throat curve of the water tank, then the central throat clamp shall be installed, and then the girth support shall be added.

5. Install the heat sink bracket and heat dissipation film

Connect the heat sink support to the central throat clamp, but ensure that the parts are connected horizontally and vertically. Tighten all screws and put them into the combined heat dissipation film. Xiaobian reminder: if you need to step on the rack to install other equipment, please temporarily pad it on the heat sink support with a wooden board

6. Install enclosure enclosure and ladder

Place the enclosure on the enclosure support, then assemble around the heat sink and tighten the screws, and then install the ladder at the designated position in advance.

7. Install sprinkler, pipe hanger and water spray pipe

Install the nozzle on the top of the central throat, then put the pipe lifting appliance on the top of the nozzle, and then push the spray pipe into the nozzle horizontally. Use the steel wire ready to hang the pipe for tension control until the spray pipe is in a horizontal position, and the spray pipe shall be installed backward at 10 degrees from the vertical line.

8. Install the motor, motor frame and fan

Install the motor frame horizontally on the top of the enclosure, then put in the motor and reducer, and then install the fan combination. Finally, add the fan net. Note that the water tower below br-40 should be installed with the motor, motor frame and fan combination in advance. The fan angle above br-80 can be adjusted according to the required air volume.

9. Seal the joint between the water basin and the enclosure

As the water tower is of multiple combined type, it is necessary to seal the gap with prepared fiber paste after installation.

10. Install overflow device, floating ball assembly and water filter screen

Place the overflow device, floating ball assembly and water filter screen at the preset place, and wrap the throat adhesive tape at the throat tooth joint.

11. Install the air inlet network

Install the upper rubber hook on the bottom edge of the shell, and the lower rubber hook on the bottom basin frame, and then install the return air net. If there is a small obstruction, cut it off.

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