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Technology-common sense of rolling mill

In the early days, two high rolling mills were used to roll plates and strips. Because the rolling pressure is very large when rolling plate and strip, in order to ensure sufficient rigidity, the roll diameter is required to be large enough. However, with the increase of roll diameter, the elastic flattening of roll also increases, so the two high mill can only roll thick narrow strip.

2022 05-13
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Continuous casters' specific types introduction 01

At present, there are five types of continuous casters used all over the world: vertical, vertical bending, arc, oval and horizontal. The pouring operation, crystallization solidification, secondary cooling, cutting and other processes of the vertical continuous caster are carried out in sequence on the vertical line. The vertical bending caster is vertical first, then bent 90 ° into a horizontal shape after the slab solidifies, and then cut and transported out.

2022 04-13
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Fume treatment plant's working principle

The fume treatment plant is mainly composed of upper box, middle box, ash hopper, air inlet equalizing pipe, support filter bag, injection device, ash unloading device, etc. The dusty gas enters the ash hopper of each compartment from the air inlet equalizing pipe of the dust collector, and under the guidance of the ash hopper guiding device, the dust of large particles is separated and directly falls into the ash hopper

2022 02-18
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Cooling tower's installation essentials

Below we introduce some when installing cooling tower​. 1. Pre select appropriate installation site. Pay attention to the load and ventilation conditions at the installation position of the water tower.

2021 11-19
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Challenges facing the development of electric furnace steelmaking

1. The cost competitiveness of electric furnace steelmaking is not strongSince 2000, the proportion of my country's electric furnace steel output has fallen from the highest 17.6% in 2003 to 6.1% in 2015, and the development speed is obviously lagging behind that of converter steelmaking. The bigges

2021 01-04




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