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Cooling tower about the basic introduction

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The cooling tower is a device in which water is used as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and release it into The atmosphere to reduce water temperature;  It is to use cold water after contact with the air flow on heat transfer to produce steam, steam evaporation heat can be taken away to evaporative cooling, the circulating heat and radiation heat transfer to the principle of dispersed in industry or waste heat generated in refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce the water temperature of the evaporative cooling device, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, device for barrel, commonly called the cooling tower.  

Cooling tower application  

Cooling tower is mainly used in air conditioning cooling system, refrigeration series, injection molding, tanning, foaming, power generation, steam turbine, aluminum processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and other fields, the most widely used for air conditioning cooling, refrigeration, plastic chemical industry.  The specific division is as follows:  China closed loop cooling tower- CHNZBTECH(1)

A, air room temperature regulation: air conditioning equipment, cold storage, cold room, refrigeration, heating and cooling air conditioning, etc.;  

B, manufacturing and processing: food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal casting, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, steel plant, chemical industry, petrochemical products, etc.;  

C, mechanical operation cooling category: generator, steam turbine, air compressor, oil press, engine, etc.;  

D. Other industries  

The function of cooling tower is to carry the cooling water with waste heat in the tower body internal heat exchange with the air, so that waste heat is transmitted to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere.  

Cooling tower features  

1, water in the tower packing, water from top to bottom, air from bottom to top, the two flow opposite a cooling tower.  

2, countercurrent cooling tower thermal performance is good, divided into three cooling sections:  

(1) The water distributor to the top of the packing space, the water temperature in this section is higher, so the heat can still be transmitted to the air.  

(2) Packed water and air heat exchange section.  

(3) Filling to the space of the catchment pool, water is cooled in this section is called "tail effect".  In the north of China, the water temperature can drop 1-2℃.  To sum up, the countercurrent column has about 20% smaller packing volume than the cross-flow column under the same circumstances, and the heat exchange process of the countercurrent column is more reasonable and the cold efficiency is high.  

3, the water distribution system is not easy to block, the dush filler to keep clean is not easy to aging, small moisture backflow, anti-freezing ice measures are easier.  Multiple units can be combined design, winter with the required water temperature can be combined with a single operation or all shut down fan.  4, easy construction, installation and maintenance, low cost, commonly used in air conditioning and industrial large and medium-sized cooling water circulation.  

Out of the cooling tower

1, water in the tower packing, water from top to bottom, air from outside the tower horizontal flow into the tower both flow is perpendicular to the orthogonal cooling tower.  Commonly used in residential areas with strict noise requirements, is the cooling circulation tower used more in the air conditioning area.  Advantages: energy saving, low water pressure, low wind resistance, also equipped with low speed motor, no dripping noise and wind noise, packing and water distribution system maintenance is convenient.  

2. Multiple cooling towers can be built according to the shape of the building, and single or multiple cooling towers can be started according to the required water temperature.  

3, it should be noted that: when the frame is 40% more heat exchange, there should be more packing volume. The packing is easy to aging, the water distribution hole is easy to plug, the anti-icing is not good, and the moisture reflux is large.  The advantage of cross-flow tower is the disadvantage of countercurrent tower.  

Packless cooling tower  

The unique spray nozzle is installed at the upper air inlet at the bottom of the cooling tower. There are two ways of spray spin without motor air supply and tower top air exhaust.  The hot water through the nozzle of the inner spin plate to produce internal swirl to form a fine mist out, so that the mist exists in, up spray downstream also fall countercurrent two cooling aging.  Uniform atomization without hollow phenomenon, stable cooling effect, low power consumption, floating water rate of 0.01%, no filler, low cost and long life, in line with the national standard GB7190.1-1997.  Application scope: metallurgy, food, chemical, high turbidity, high temperature, anticorrosive cooling tower.  

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