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Why must the new electric arc furnace for steelmaking be dried up - part 1

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New electric furnace body usually needs to be dried

The new furnace body usually needs to be dried to make the furnace body sinter and remove moisture. The alkaline electric arc furnace image is composed of magnesia, dolomite, asphalt, tar and other materials. After the volatiles in the asphalt and tar are removed at high temperature, the remaining solid carbon becomes the skeleton of the furnace lining refractory. It has high high temperature resistance and is integrated with magnesia and dolomite to make the furnace lining have sufficient strength and fire resistance; At the same time, due to the removal of moisture, the quality of steel during smelting is guaranteed. Before oven drying, lay a layer of broken electrode blocks or coke on the furnace bottom. The quantity depends on the furnace capacity. The electric furnace with a nominal capacity of 10 ~ 20t is generally 200 ~ 400kg. The waste electrode used for oven drying shall be accurately and stably placed under the three-phase electrode in the shape of "t" or "triangle" on the coke.


The length of the waste electrode shall be appropriate, and the two ends shall not be directly placed on the furnace slope to avoid burning the furnace slope during drying. The diameter of the waste electrode shall not be too small to avoid being blown in the middle of the oven. If there is not enough waste electrode block, it can also be replaced by large coke. In order to make the steel outlet can be well baked, do not block the steel outlet during baking, and bake with wood and other materials in the tank. The power supply system for baking varies with the lining materials. When baking the asphalt furnace, it needs high voltage and large current to quickly heat up and quickly cross the softening temperature zone of asphalt and tar below 200 ℃. If the temperature rises slowly, the asphalt tar magnesia furnace lining will be softened for a long time, and the furnace wall collapse accident is easy to occur.

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