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Best EBT crusting problem solution shared from Chnzbtech

A tapping box protruding from the furnace shell is installed on the original tapping side to replace the original tapping groove. Refractory materials are built inside the tapping box, and a small molten pool is formed. It is connected with the large molten pool at the bottom of the original furnace and has a smooth transition. The tapping hole is opened vertically at the bottom of the small molten pool of the tapping box.

2022 07-22
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Why must the new electric arc furnace for steelmaking be dried up - part 1

The new furnace body usually needs to be dried to make the furnace body sinter and remove moisture. The alkaline electric arc furnace image is composed of magnesia, dolomite, asphalt, tar and other materials. After the volatiles in the asphalt and tar are removed at high temperature, the remaining solid carbon becomes the skeleton of the furnace lining refractory.

2022 06-08
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What is the standard for electric furnace tapping?

Electric furnace equipment is usually a complete set, including electric furnace body, power equipment (electric furnace transformer, rectifier, frequency converter, etc.), switches, auxiliary auxiliary appliances (resistors, compensation capacitors, etc.), vacuum equipment, detection and control instruments (electrician Instrumentation, thermal instrumentation, etc.)

2022 01-24
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Slag-free tapping of electric furnace of technology sharing

To achieve slag-free tapping of electric furnaces​, traditional tapping methods need to be changed. The rapid progress of electric furnace technology is not only reflected in the number of electric furnaces, but also the furnace type and tapping mechanism and control methods are constantly changing and updated, making the electric furnace slag-free tapping technology more perfect and diversified.

2022 01-07
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EBT’s tapping process and slag retention operation

EBT electric furnace can retain 10% ~ 15% steel and more than 95% slag through eccentric bottom tapping. EBT electric furnace realizes slag free tapping by leaving 10% ~ 15% steel, maintaining sufficient molten steel in the tapping box and rapid back tilting (3 °/s) of the furnace body during tapping and tilting.

2021 10-11




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