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Common types and components of electric arc furnaces

An electric arc furnace is an electric furnace that smelts ores and metals using the high temperature generated by an electrode arc.

2022 11-04
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Why must the new electric arc furnace for steelmaking be dried up - part 2

Low voltage and small current must be used to slowly heat up the brine furnace (carbon free furnace lining). If the temperature rises rapidly, the brine will vaporize violently and cause furnace bottom cracking and furnace wall cracking. In the process of furnace drying, it is necessary to arrange an interval to cut off power, check the electrode position of furnace drying, furnace lining sintering, equipment and water cooling system

2022 06-10
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Why must the new electric arc furnace for steelmaking be dried up - part 1

The new furnace body usually needs to be dried to make the furnace body sinter and remove moisture. The alkaline electric arc furnace image is composed of magnesia, dolomite, asphalt, tar and other materials. After the volatiles in the asphalt and tar are removed at high temperature, the remaining solid carbon becomes the skeleton of the furnace lining refractory.

2022 06-08
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What is the standard for electric furnace tapping?

Electric furnace equipment is usually a complete set, including electric furnace body, power equipment (electric furnace transformer, rectifier, frequency converter, etc.), switches, auxiliary auxiliary appliances (resistors, compensation capacitors, etc.), vacuum equipment, detection and control instruments (electrician Instrumentation, thermal instrumentation, etc.)

2022 01-24
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The electric arc furnace produced by our company is very good

We optimized the electric arc furnace technology to achieve the best balance among raw materials, scrap preheating, energy saving and environmental protection, process control, automation control, smelting cycle, and production capacity.The electric arc furnace inputs electric energy into the electr

2020 12-21




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