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What is the difference between busbar and generatrix

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The insulation of the whole bus bar and the stability of the main switch can be further improved, and the insulation of the whole bus bar can be reasonably connected. So what is the difference between busbar and busbar? Here is a detailed discussion on this issue.

Difference 1: different concepts between insulated copper busbar and bus

There are corresponding differences between busbar and bus. Busbar is a name of conductive material in the whole power distribution system. It has no insulation layer and is not painted with various colors and paints. It is mainly used in various fields such as indoor transformers and distribution cabinets. The bus is a carrier carrying the input and output of the system, and the whole bus is a contact of the bus branch. It can not only play a very good supporting role for the whole line in use, but also improve the safety of the whole line.China Copper conductive systems - CHNZBTECH

Difference 2: different uses between electrical ground busbar and bus

There are also obvious differences between busbar and bus in use. Firstly, busbar is used in various power supply systems, such as the connection of some TV cabinets or various shunt circuit switches. In the whole connection process, the surface will be subject to corresponding insulation treatment, which is mainly used as a kind of conductor. However, the bus is a common channel form connected on a variety of devices and branches. In the computer system, especially a high-speed path shared by the connection of multiple computers, it can transmit and send various data devices arbitrarily by means of computers.

The above has made a detailed comparison of the overall differences between the bus and the bus. In fact, the bus with good sales is a wire connection mode, while the bus is a common path above the branch connection mode. The bus is more suitable for being used as a high-speed path in the parallel connection of some large computers, while the bus is more suitable for being used as a wire connection in some complex power consumption environments.

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