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Vacuum Oxygen Degassing manufacturers

With years of experience in production Vacuum Oxygen Degassing manufacturers, CHNZBTECH can supply a wide range of Vacuum Oxygen Degassing manufacturers. Vacuum Oxygen Degassing manufacturers can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about Vacuum Oxygen Degassing manufacturers. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique Vacuum Oxygen Degassing manufacturers according to your specific needs.
  • Vacuum Oxygen Degassing (VOD) Furnace
    (1) Extensive decarburization with low chromium losses;
    (2) High rate of chromium recovery, reheating of liquid steel;
    (3) hydrogen and nitrogen removal, desulfurization, inclusion flotation removal;
    (4) High quality & grade S.S steel making & other special steel production;
    (5) Vacuum pump available for steam eject & dry mechanical pump;
    (6) Improve whole plant products level & high margin compared with investment;
    (7) Safe operation & advanced design, mature technology;




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