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Vacuum degassing of the relevant knowledge

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The relevant control parameters of the vacuum degassing furnace are set by the MMI screen. The relevant data is sent to the PLC of theVD furnace, and the PLC of the PLC boiler and the wire feeder control the relevant electrical operations through the SINECH1 bus. At the same time, the detection signals of field instruments are collected as the basis for automatic control. After the vacuum degassing furnace receives the host computer processing tasks and related data, the main controller of the VD furnace starts to process the data and prepares for refining. The vacuum degassing furnace has 2 degassing tank positions and 1 vacuum lid parking space. The vacuum hood car is suspended in the middle of the two vacuum tanks. After the ladle is in place, the argon pipe is manually connected. The vacuum hood cart runs in place, and the vacuum hood is lowered.industrial vacuum furnace- CHNZBTECH

The vacuum degassing furnace needs to process the pumping speed and processing steps of the molten steel, turn on the steam ejector, perform vacuum treatment, and stir argon at the bottom of the ladle to vacuum the molten steel. There is a vacuum funnel on the vacuum hood. In the vacuum state of the vacuum degassing furnace, the necessary alloys are added to the steel that needs to be fine-tuned. Then temperature sampling is performed under vacuum. After the vacuum treatment, the vacuum is broken, and the vacuum cover rises back to the parking space or moves to another vacuum position. In the open state of the ladle, the vacuum degassing furnace continues to blow argon to softly mix and feed the wire. After processing, the final temperature sampling was carried out. At this time, the next ladle can be vacuum treated with the next ladle. The rapid gas measurement with a hydrogen fixed oxygen meter can be used to determine the water treatment process.

Introduce the use steps of the vacuum degassing furnace, the specific content is as follows:

    1. Click the start button of the control cabinet of the vacuum degassing furnace to start the vacuum degassing furnace, and start vacuuming the equipment tank. Look at the vacuum negative pressure gauge, you can adjust the vacuum degree by yourself. The vacuum degassing furnace is adjusted to minus 1 when it leaves the factory. When the vacuum pressure gauge reaches minus 1 atmosphere, the vacuum degassing furnace automatically stops. Because the equipment tank is under negative pressure, the fluid automatically enters the vacuum degassing furnace from the feed port.

    2. When the fluid continuously enters the vacuum degassing furnace, reaches the liquid level sensor and crosses the liquid level sensor, the liquid level control cabinet is triggered to start the screw pump to pump the fluid. When the fluid level in the tank is lower than the liquid level sensor, vacuum degassing The screw pump of the furnace automatically stops pumping fluid, and at the same time, when the accumulation of gas in the fluid coming in from the feed port reaches a certain level, the vacuum degassing furnace control cabinet automatically starts pumping.

    3. It is cyclically and automatically processed. The vacuum degassing furnace has been strictly tested before leaving the factory, and all indexes are normal. As long as the equipment is used correctly, the failure rate is very low.

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