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Main features of electric arc furnace

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Although EAF steelmaking has many advantages, however, due to the problems of scrap and electricity cost in China, EAF steelmaking can not compete with converter steelmaking in ordinary steel and long-term products. EAF steelmaking only occupies a leading position in the production of special steel with small batch, multi variety and high alloy ratio.

At present, the electric arc furnace with high output power is generally used by some short process electric furnace manufacturers in the world. In addition, the traditional three-stage operation process with reduction period has been gradually replaced by the combined process technology such as secondary refining, and the electric arc furnace and its public and auxiliary facilities are more perfect and reasonable. The proportion of EAF steel output in the world is increasing year by year.

China is a developing country, the capital construction has just started, the large-scale scrap recovery period has not come, and the power development in China is not balanced, the current electricity price is still in a relatively high stage. Therefore, the development speed of EAF steelmaking in China is limited, and the development of EAF steelmaking is not as fast as that of BOF. Although the total amount of EAF steel is also increasing, the proportion of EAF steel output to total steel output is decreasing year by year, which is contrary to the development trend of EAF in the world.

With the development of electric power facilities and the accumulation of scrap steel resources, as well as the strengthening of environmental protection and mineral resources management, the development trend of EAF steelmaking in China will be improved. At that time, China's EAF steelmaking technology will get more comprehensive development.

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