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Low Micro Carbon Ferrochrome Furnace

1. Power, labor, raw material saving with high yield.
2. Different capacity from 2.5MV to 8.0MVA are available;
3. Mature deign, know-how technology for low and micro carbon ferrochrome alloy production;
4. Different structure, different design with highly customized;
5. Punctual delivery, high end quality, and attentive service after sale;

Low Micro Carbon Ferrochrome Furnace 

    Ferroalloy refining furnace is mainly used for desiliconization and refining of ore, high silicon low carbon iron alloy refining products and flux, so as to obtain medium carbon, low carbon and micro carbon ferroalloy products, which are generally arc smelting furnaces; , medium chromium, low chromium, low micro chromium, nickel iron, manganese iron, high titanium slag, rare earth alloy, smelting of ferroalloy products such as zirconium.


Equipment consisits :

    Furnace roof, furnace shell, electrode lifting system, water-cooled cable, copper busbar system, hydraulic system, H.V, L.V system etc.



  1. The products are smelted by the arc thermal while the larger current is passing the electrode. The material of electrode is graphite. 

  2. The electrode is up above the furnace burden while smelting, the consumption of electrode is lower than submerged arc furnace, so this kind of furnace can be used for smelting low-carbon products.

  3. When it was tapping , the furnace can be tilted with the convenience that pouring out the liquid smelted. By the different weight, liquid and slag can be separated in different ladles.

  4. This kind of furnace is safe and reliable, is easy to operation. The worker can operate it on computer while charging , smelting, and tapping with HMI.

Main data:

Type/ Data 1000 KVA 1800 KVA 2200 KVA 3200 KVA 4000 KVA 6300 KVA
8000 KVA
Chamber Dia.(mm) 2750 3200 3400 3700 4200 4700 5300
Transformer(KVA) 1000 1800 2200 3200 4000 6300 8000
Primary Voltage(KV) 10/35 10/35 10/35 10/35 10/35 10/35 10/35
Secondary Voltage(V) 180-75 210-95 220-109 240-121 260-139 310-151 340-175
Graphite(mm) 200 250 300 350 400 400 450
Water (m3/h) 60 100 150 250 300 300 350





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