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Ladle furnace's equipment and features

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The conventional equipment of ladle furnace includes: LF, VD, VOD, etc. It is the most widely used refining equipment outside the furnace in the world. It’s used to refine the molten steel melted in the primary refining furnace (medium frequency furnace, electric arc furnace, converter), and can adjust the molten steel temperature and buffer the process. It has many advantages, such as reasonable equipment structure, reliable operation, low cost, many refined steel grades, high quality, convenient operation and so on. Ladle furnace has many functions, such as deoxidation, desulfurization, decarburization, degassing, heating and temperature rise, fine adjustment of alloy composition, argon stirring, rapid temperature measurement and sampling, impurity removal, vacuum degassing, wire feeding and composition adjustment, so as to reasonably match the whole steelmaking process, improve production continuity and improve molten steel quality.

Equipment of lf furnace 

Ladle furnace is used for refining molten steel. The structure type is divided into heating bridge, the fourth column, cross arm rotation and large package rotary table, which can be selected by users according to process needs.

Ladle furnace equipment consists of ladle, ladle car and towing cable, furnace cover, electrode lifting mechanism, short net, water cooling system, hydraulic system, argon system, electric furnace transformer, high-voltage cabinet, low-voltage electrical appliances and automatic control system. The furnace tonnage ranges from 8t to 300t.ladle heating furnace-Chnzbtech

Function of lrf furnace 

1. Under normal pressure, arc heating and temperature rise, temperature measurement and sampling, and the final temperature can be accurately controlled, so as to optimize the pouring temperature;

2. Refining of synthetic slag, desulfurization, deoxidation, degassing and removal of inclusions;

3. Bottom blowing argon stirring to make the temperature of molten steel uniform and pure;

4. Fine adjustment of alloy makes the composition control accurate, and the final required chemical composition can be efficiently achieved through ferroalloy elements or aluminum or wire feeding;

5. It is equipped with wire feeder to desulfurize and deoxidize liquid steel, change the shape and distribution of inclusions and accurately control alloy elements. At the same time, it has high alloy yield, small temperature drop of liquid steel and low environmental pollution;

6. As the buffer equipment between the primary smelting furnace and the continuous caster, ensure the matching production of the primary smelting furnace and continuous casting, and realize multi furnace continuous casting

Characteristics of ladle refining furnace 

1. The water-cooled furnace cover is adopted, and the dust removal interface is equipped with adjustable flue gas outlet degree, so that the furnace can always operate in a micro positive pressure reducing atmosphere

2. Copper steel composite conductive cross arm is adopted to reduce the diameter of electrode distribution circle and improve the service life of furnace lining;

3. Equipped with automatic or manual temperature measurement and sampling device to accurately measure the temperature of molten steel;

4. Large cross-section water-cooled cable, compensator and copper steel composite conductive cross arm are adopted for high current system to reduce the impedance of main circuit;

5. Adopt automatic alloy and slag feeding device to accurately measure the alloy and slag added into the package;

6. Equipped with PLC control system and smelting model.

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