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H.V System

1. High insulation grade;
2. Different high voltage 10KV, 20KV, 35KV, 63KV or other voltage;
3. Mature deign, know-how technology;
4. Different structure, different design with highly customized;
5. Punctual delivery, high end quality, and attentive service after sale;

H.V System

The high-voltage power supply system consists of high-voltage incoming line isolation handcart and voltage transformer, high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker and current transformer, zinc oxide arrester and resistance-capacitance absorption protection device, forming high-voltage PT incoming line cabinet, vacuum switch cabinet, oxidation arrester and resistance-capacitance Protection cabinet. A high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is used to connect or disconnect the main circuit and cut off the overcurrent caused by arc short circuit. 

                                                                                   10kv H.V cabinet

 China 10kv H.V cabinet factory-CHNZBTECH

KYN61-40.5 (armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear) cabinet type is selected for high-voltage cabinet. This cabinet type has the advantages of preventing misoperation of circuit breakers, preventing push and pulling handcarts with load, preventing live grounding wire, and preventing power transmission with grounding wire And the function of preventing accidentally entering the charged interval. Three-sided high-voltage cabinets are set up in the high-voltage room, namely the incoming line cabinet, the circuit breaker cabinet, and the resistance-capacitance protection cabinet. Install an overvoltage absorption device in the high-voltage circuit to absorb operating overvoltage and surge voltage to protect the transformer. The arrester adopts a zinc oxide arrester with a four-star connection with a series gap, which can not only realize lightning protection, but also protect the insulation between the relative phases and the relative ground of the electrical equipment in the high-voltage cabinet.

                                                                          KYN 33KV/35KV H.V cabinet


The high-voltage power supply system can provide 10kV, 20KV, 33KV main power to the electric arc furnace,  LRF, ferroalloy furnace, SAF and can perform short-circuit protection of the main circuit. An over-voltage absorption device is installed in the high-voltage circuit to absorb operating over-voltage and surge voltage to protect the transformer. The zinc oxide arrester provides lightning protection, and the incoming line isolation trolley is convenient for debugging and maintenance. 







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